‘Multi-layed imaging’ – two individual styles of 2014…

At the beginning of this year, I began experimenting with overlapping layers into one picture. For this first image I used 4 images from the same stand-point photographed in a North, South, East and West positioning. Then in post-production, I over-lapped them to become a single image. It made for an interesting photograph and I discovered from a viewer’s standpoint that the longer I looked at this blended multi-layered image, the more the naked eye could slowly start distinguishing each of the scenes within the single photograph.

And recently in August,  I tried another style where I blended the same single image over and over. Using a digital photograph of a building just off the city’s square, I wanted to give some kind of link to the past earthquakes that this region has endued over the recent years, by giving a visual shaking effect. Both photographs are intriguing styles that I intend to explore further.


My chance at capturing this year’s blossoms, both digitally and film based…

Spring is in the air, here in  New Zealand, and what a fantastic chance it is capture some of the beauty around these parts.

Unfortunately for me, I have been battling chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/M.E.) for the last 10 months. However, I am slowly progressing into better health as I have been managing to keep my spirits high and look for the little pleasures around me.

Magically, in the past several days, I have managed to shoot off 3 rolls of colour film using my natural-water-distortion-technique I devised a couple of years ago (check out my Water Distortion Photography and the June Archive for earlier examples). So hopefully there will be some exciting results when I get those films back from the Kodak Photo Lab…

In the meantime these images here are digital shots from my Canon EOS 7D, where I have used a large depth of field.

And one last thing for all those budding photographers out there… A beautiful quote to take away with you….

‘The only photographer you should ever compare yourself to, is the one you use to be”  -Unknown

Take care of yourselves everyone, and my warmest wishes, Victoria

The best of Deadpan Photography of 2013…

Welcome to an exciting new year ahead!! For myself, with a large workload of full-time work, an on-line photography course and my dashing out photographing on weekend overcast days, I have managed to produce a collection of my favourite and unique deadpan images of Christchurch, New Zealand during parts of 2013. I’m now delighted to be showcasing my work here with you all.

There is no real order of sequence, just they felt to fit in this order when first went through and handled an overall selection of these photographic prints. Please enjoy them. And for my own Christchurch viewers, I hope it give you the chance to reflect in what once was and what will be in such a remarkable city we have here, in New Zealand.

I hope you enjoyed this unique selection of recent deadpan photography of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Happy New Year and have a great start to 2014!

My warmest wishes, Victoria