My chance at capturing this year’s blossoms, both digitally and film based…

Spring is in the air, here in  New Zealand, and what a fantastic chance it is capture some of the beauty around these parts.

Unfortunately for me, I have been battling chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/M.E.) for the last 10 months. However, I am slowly progressing into better health as I have been managing to keep my spirits high and look for the little pleasures around me.

Magically, in the past several days, I have managed to shoot off 3 rolls of colour film using my natural-water-distortion-technique I devised a couple of years ago (check out my Water Distortion Photography and the June Archive for earlier examples). So hopefully there will be some exciting results when I get those films back from the Kodak Photo Lab…

In the meantime these images here are digital shots from my Canon EOS 7D, where I have used a large depth of field.

And one last thing for all those budding photographers out there… A beautiful quote to take away with you….

‘The only photographer you should ever compare yourself to, is the one you use to be”  -Unknown

Take care of yourselves everyone, and my warmest wishes, Victoria


My recent graduation, Lightroom 5 and some meaningful photography quotes…

Well, for some good news…I’ve graduated from The Photography Institute with a diploma in Professional Photography. It took me just over 10 months. Hopefully when I get my health and energy back in the near future, I’ll be using all my knowledge to its full advantage.

As my graduation present to myself, I have purchased a new software called Lightroom 5. I think the most rewarding aspect I have learnt (which came right at the end of the course, after my final submission and the feedback I received) was that I need to correct the slight lens distortion that happens when taking cityscape images. With the help of such software applications such as Lightroom 5, I understand just a couple of clicks of the computer-mouse and an image’s horizon becomes level, and secondly, the image’s buildings become more upright.

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The sweet, exciting, coincidence of film-negative distortion…


 These two pieces of fine art photography were taken about 12 weeks ago at the end of our New Zealand summer. In the past week, I have been adjusting these images in post-production.

In no such way, have I digitally manipulated the distortion effect in these images via post-production. The distortion effect has instead been created naturally, moments before film capture in the camera, where I have manipulated water in front of the lens (being an underwater camera of course).

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The hidden similarities of my own work, to the artist Uta Barth…


Today was a day of discovery. I was going through an old shoe box of old 35mm film negatives of underwater work. I had photographed these around 4 years ago when I was in Year 2, of a Fine Arts degree. In my opinion, these two particular photographs hold a close similarity to the work of Uta Barth, a German/American artist (b.1958). Its interesting how time alters our perception as these two images were dismissed by my artistic eyes at the time they were first sighted. However, I think these two little gems, amongst others I found today, have put more value and presence than one would first initially think. This type of work is something I would love to continue and explore further in the nearing future…

Take care everyone!

Cheers, Victoria

For the love of deadpan photography…

When some free time, ideal over-cast weather conditions, an able body, and a ready-to-shoot camera are all at hand the magic of deadpan photography can created. Unfortunately, today I had 3 out of 4 of those necessities needed and instead I could only dream from my backyard of the photographic possibilities of when I am able.

If there is one love I have out there for a particular type of photography, my award would be given to the one and only, deadpan. It is a style that does not seek out beauty or cries attention, it is in fact a matter-of -fact, detached style, that I most admire. While I am having a brief rest period at the moment, I continue to dream up my great ideas and concepts that I am longing to explore and create in the near future.

My current photography course through The Photography Insitute is in its final stages where soon I will begin to produce a final portfolio and of course, it has to be a sub-genre I am most passionate about. Continue to watch my journey and I will show you the world I capture through the lens of my camera. Stay tuned…

When underwater photography and digital imaging emerge together…

Although this image was taken a couple of years ago, I am trying a new concept in digital imaging at the moment. I have always been captivated by this image as it has a ghostly effect under the surface of the water. One could also say, it was a type of self portrait. I’ve always been intrigued with patterns and formations and this is my little take on it all, in post-production.

On another note, to all those celebrating Easter in their own ways, have a safe and happy Easter!


Here is a new style I am trying out at moment…..

Recently. I have been inspired by the work of Helmo who are a French design team. In one of their series they have digitally blended  humans and wild creatures together.  My latest assignment through The Photography Institute requires me to take inspiration from another artist and create my own. After much research through the world of fine art photography, I  chose Helmo to be my source of inspiration. Through their work, I developed my own take in a similar but unique style. Here I have blended myself (in a blue hue) with a local cat (in red hue) that visits me daily.

My on-line photography course is going well and I am 3/4 through the course that I started in September 2013.

My warmest wishes to you all, Victoria.