‘Photography is magic’ -the magic within Charlotte Cotton’s latest book…

‘Photography is magic’ -the magic within Charlotte Cotton’s latest book…

So in the last few days, I’ve managed to get my hands on Charlotte Cotton’s latest book Photography is Magic (published by Aperture). After much success of Cotton’s original book The Photograph as Contemporary Art, it was an exciting to see that she had taken a leap into the world of photography abstraction. My first impressions of this photography book, was simply ‘abstract on acid’. I do mean this in quite a positive light, as these photography artists that Cotton has featured, are well advanced at literally thinking way out-of-the-box in terms of executing their works.

I  found a small portion of works that I absolutely loved. Give me the winning lottery ticket any day, and I would easily find several artists to help furnish any future palace of mine, as such. Such artists that shine for me artfully are, Jessica Eaton, Amir Zaki, Artie Vierkant, Taisuke Koyama and Hannah Whitaker. In my opinion, this book would certainly be a great source for any present or future student photographers, to show the vast and many directions that photography is heading now, and into the future, especially with digital. Overall it is a very heavy and decently sized  book for its 380 pages, including an essay by Cotton. This publication would be most valued in any photography book collection.

If I had to ask myself, whether one day, I could find my abstraction photography in such a book like this? And truthfully, I would say it would be a great aim. When I finally find my energy again, I certainly have a vast amount photography work ahead of me, to explore, develop and execute within my subject of abstraction.

Well, Easter is just around the corner… For any budding artists out there, hope it’s a sound chance to catch up on some artwork. And for the others of you, I hope you have a safe and happy Easter.

Warmest wishes to you all! Cheers, Victoria



For the love of deadpan photography…

When some free time, ideal over-cast weather conditions, an able body, and a ready-to-shoot camera are all at hand the magic of deadpan photography can created. Unfortunately, today I had 3 out of 4 of those necessities needed and instead I could only dream from my backyard of the photographic possibilities of when I am able.

If there is one love I have out there for a particular type of photography, my award would be given to the one and only, deadpan. It is a style that does not seek out beauty or cries attention, it is in fact a matter-of -fact, detached style, that I most admire. While I am having a brief rest period at the moment, I continue to dream up my great ideas and concepts that I am longing to explore and create in the near future.

My current photography course through The Photography Insitute is in its final stages where soon I will begin to produce a final portfolio and of course, it has to be a sub-genre I am most passionate about. Continue to watch my journey and I will show you the world I capture through the lens of my camera. Stay tuned…

Here is a new style I am trying out at moment…..

Recently. I have been inspired by the work of Helmo who are a French design team. In one of their series they have digitally blended  humans and wild creatures together.  My latest assignment through The Photography Institute requires me to take inspiration from another artist and create my own. After much research through the world of fine art photography, I  chose Helmo to be my source of inspiration. Through their work, I developed my own take in a similar but unique style. Here I have blended myself (in a blue hue) with a local cat (in red hue) that visits me daily.

My on-line photography course is going well and I am 3/4 through the course that I started in September 2013.

My warmest wishes to you all, Victoria.

A wee visit back to 3 years earlier….

In my near return to re-investigating my ‘water distortion photography’, I thought I’d begin by putting some of my original pieces that I created when first discovered this new technique of mine back in 2010. This one image, is of a collection of a few that I will be sharing over time. For those who may recognise the scene slightly, it is indeed the Arts Centre here in Christchurch, New Zealand, pre-earthquake times.

89590013Victoria Grace Hunt, 2010. Untitled. 150 x 200 mm

Welcome back to all my followers!

Well, it has been a fun-filled 6 months since I was last active on my website. However, wonderful news, I have finally returned with my own home-built artist studio which now means I can continuously keep you all updated with my work, up-coming news and future exhibitions.

Here is a wee peek at one of my recent images of Central Christchurch just prior to the red zone cordon coming down. You will see I have continued with the deadpan aesthetic to show a very sobering take on our city of Christchurch, here in New Zealand.


Victoria Grace Hunt, 2013, Corner of High Street and Cashel Mall, facing south-east, Christchurch, New Zealand, 13/05/2013, 3.13 pm.