The early beginnings of my distortionary photography…

Well, its almost 6 years ago to date, when I first discovered my take on distortionary/abstract photography, all by chance, back in 2009. It was then, in my second year of art college, I began exploring my own chosen theme of underwater photography, when I tried some experimental techniques to see what would happen. Some worked, some didn’t, but it gave me a glimmer into another type of effect that seemed somewhat unique.

The following year,  I was able to explore this further both using both classic 35mm film and digital photography. It was one of my first rolls of 35mm film that I was able to achieve the effect of the image below, which became part of a series called ‘Untouched’, which was exhibited locally. The series title ‘Untouched’ was given to highlight that no digital manipulation or editing had occurred to create such an effect.

Interestingly enough to this day, the 35mm film negatives for this particular series still remain in an earthquake damaged building in the city centre of Christchurch. The image itself was taken of the re-modernised, restaurant called ‘Retour’ built within a (marching) Band Rotunda prior to being demolished from the 2011 earthquakes. I found it an extraordinary image at the time, and I still feel the same way, even today.

Springtime last year, I based my distortionary/abstract image work around blossom trees, and here is one of the image effects:

Victoria Grace Hunt, 2014. Untitled (Blossoms #6/16).

Victoria Grace Hunt, 2014. Untitled (Blossoms #6/16).

Currently, I’m slowly returning to good health after being diagnosed with M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), just over 18 months ago. I personally believe I’m two-thirds of the way to a near-full recovery. I am able to walk for 4.2 kilometres most days, whereas at the start of this year I was only able to go for a 300 metres-walk on my own. Plus, setting aside time each day for some ‘me’ time has been most beneficial, including a portion of that time spent with photography itself.

Currently, I am in the early stages of planning to build my own camera(s) to continue this distortinary-effect. I can guess during is process of camera-building there’ll be times of frustration and along with times of pure delight, but I’m sure in the longterm, it will be well worth it.

My warmest regards.


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