Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as an Emerging Artist…

Sadly, I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past 15 months. Although I am very slowly improving, I still have my days were I can walk 40 minutes around the neighbouring suburb, to still having days where I can’t even make it to the front letterbox. It’s almost like life is on hold for the time-being. And each time I estimate when I should be gold-as-gold again, that time passes with no real insight to when I will be fine again. It’s just a condition or illness as such, that will simply pass in it’s own time. Prior to coming down with an unknown virus late 2013, I had always been an extremely busy person, with a lot of things on the go. Maybe this is how the body tells you to slow down and, learn a lesson for now and the future. It certainly means a lifestyle change that will be foregoing…

One thing this condition can’t take away from me, is the ability of dreaming, including dreams of my future explorations with photography. It’s almost like I will be coming onto a whole new level with plans to explore medium format photography. When I observe other genres within photography, I always keep coming back, time and time again, to deadpan photography. Both medium format and deadpan photography go hand-in-hand. There’s still a bit to photograph in our post-disaster city of Christchurch, New Zealand. And as I dream of a magnificent city one day, I just hope I’ve got some time left to photograph her in her moment of change and development. Eventually this may take me to post-disaster regions among the world in the way-distant future.

As I get more well again, I plan to keep a wee eye out for a decent well preserved medium format camera, along the lines of such brands as Mamiya and Rolleiflex. With a longing desire to photograph 6×6 or 6×7 film format.

On final note, I couldn’t say goodbye with out a wee image….this is a NZ Monach butterfly I photographed in my garden several weeks ago. Take care of yourselves everyone and my warmest wishes, Victoria x


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