When underwater photography and digital imaging emerge together…

Although this image was taken a couple of years ago, I am trying a new concept in digital imaging at the moment. I have always been captivated by this image as it has a ghostly effect under the surface of the water. One could also say, it was a type of self portrait. I’ve always been intrigued with patterns and formations and this is my little take on it all, in post-production.

On another note, to all those celebrating Easter in their own ways, have a safe and happy Easter!



Here is a new style I am trying out at moment…..

Recently. I have been inspired by the work of Helmo who are a French design team. In one of their series they have digitally blended  humans and wild creatures together.  My latest assignment through The Photography Institute requires me to take inspiration from another artist and create my own. After much research through the world of fine art photography, I  chose Helmo to be my source of inspiration. Through their work, I developed my own take in a similar but unique style. Here I have blended myself (in a blue hue) with a local cat (in red hue) that visits me daily.

My on-line photography course is going well and I am 3/4 through the course that I started in September 2013.

My warmest wishes to you all, Victoria.